Armored Vehicles & Aircraft Armor

We provide Armored Vehicles and aircraft armor through subsidiaries.

Armored Vehicles

We provide armored vehicles for military, law enforcement and civilian use worldwide. We armor Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) vehicles to various armor levels, up to NIJ Level IV, STANAG Level 3 and CEN B7.
We cater to the customer’s specific needs in armor level, number of passengers, and specific optional equipment.

Aircraft Armor

We are an international leader in the aviation armor industry, having supplied dozens of countries with both rotary and fixed wing armor systems. Our international customers include: Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, and New Zealand.
We offer lightweight armor solutions using composite materials, specialty steel and ceramic tiles. These materials provide the required ballistic protection at the absolute minimum weight, consistent with cost effective design. Our niche is lightweight, custom designed, aviation ballistic protection systems.

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