Military Support & Transport Systems

Shladot has been serving the defense establishment faithfully for years, providing comprehensive mobilized solutions and performing complex turnkey projects. Leveraging deep core competencies in engineering, design, mechanical fabrications, systems integration and everything in between, our multi-disciplinary teams deliver made-to-order solutions that address a wide spectrum of military and homeland security needs.

Shladot addresses a wide variety of mobile transport and support infrastructure challenges for military and civil defense implementations, including: trailers, truck bodies and fully outfitted vehicles; APCs; heavy equipment transporters and tankers; special purpose vehicles, such as communication and antenna trailers, mobile hospitals and clinics; the construction and outfitting of standard-size command shelters (S-280, S-749, ISO/NATO shelters and more) as well as custom-sized command shelters; special purpose platforms; and multi-disciplinary turnkey projects involving mechanical engineering, electric and control systems, power solutions, A/C and ventilation and more.

As a one-stop shop for enabling mobilized systems in the defense and security arena, we understand the nuances of design, construction and systems integration that are required in realizing your SOW down to the fine print – and in full accordance with MIL standards. From understanding how a command shelter needs to be fitted to a flatbed to being well-versed in the proper weight distribution of various systems on a trailer to enabling the installment and interoperability of delicate infrastructure systems and beyond, Shladot delivers according to expectations. The result: superior quality control, centralized project management, swifter completion and reduced integration costs.


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