Military Support & Transport Systems

Riot Control Vehicles

A complete line of conflict proven Riot Control Vehicles (RCV), with over 15 different models, on a wide variety of platforms.

  • State of the art “Jet Pulse Water Cannon” with unique accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Three different modes: Short Pulse, Long Pulse and Continuous Stream.
  • Tear gas (CS) or Pepper Spray (OC) injected into the water pulse. Tear gas nozzles for all around protection of the vehicle.
  • Dye coloring injected into the water pulse.
  • Under chassis and upper deck foam protection (against firebombs).
  • Water sprayers for windshield and side windows.
  • Air filtration for driver’s cabin.
  • Front bulldozer for obstacle removal.
  • Close circuit TV and video system.
  • Rear camera & monitor for backward view.
  • Ballistic armoring against any thread level.
  • Run-Flat-Tires.
  • Front bumper water/foam monitor.
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