Getting a young nation mobilized is a formidable task. For four decades, Shladot has proudly served as one of Israel’s premier providers of commercial transport systems. From low beds and flat beds, semi-trailers and dump trucks, to fuel, food and chemical tankers and beyond, the Company has been instrumental in building out the mission-critical transport infrastructure of the fleets that crisscross Israel’s busy highways, arteries and service roads – as well as the sophisticated mobile support systems that enable their performance. Indeed, when travelling for any length of time on any given day, one would be hard pressed not to come across a truck or trailer that has in some way been outfitted for transport by Shladot.

Shladot has an intimate knowledge of the transport arena and its inherent challenges. With a multi-faceted platform of core competencies that spans several engineering disciplines, sophisticated metal works capabilities, and large-scale industrial manufacturing, Shladot is well versed in providing systematic end-to-end solutions for mobile systems.

Shladot has leveraged its field-proven strengths over the years to build and expand its business activities with methodical consistency. Currently, the Company offers solutions in four primary areas:

Defense and Law Enforcement Mobile Systems, including the manufacture of Riot Control Vehicles (RCV), Cash in Transit vehicles (CIT) MIL standard-compliant command shelters, as well as special purpose vehicles, and customized pallets, platforms, trailers and trucks.

Armored Vehicles and Aircraft Armor.Shladot provides armored vehicles for military, law enforcement and civilian use worldwide. The Company caters to the customer’s specific needs in armor level, number of passengers, and specific optional equipment. Aircraft Armor (through subsidiaries) – international leader in the aviation armor industry, having supplied dozens of countries with both rotary and fixed wing armor systems.  

Commercial Transport Systems, covering the entire gamut of semi-trailers, tankers, platforms and truck body models that are the wheels of modern industry, as well as an extensive spectrum of professional repair and maintenance services for military and commercial transport vehicles and systems.     

Engineering & Metal Works, leveraging our deep knowledge base in mechanical engineering and metal works; systems integration and interoperability; hydraulic, pneumatic and electric systems – all of which enables us to provide customized metalwork and mechanical solutions for different industries in a wide variety of deployments. 

Across its diverse activities base, Shladot strives to empower its customers with added value by providing turnkey project management. The lifecycle of a Shladot-led project typically extends to superior engineering and design, flawless standards-compliant manufacturing and assembly, seamless integration and interoperability of all onboard electronic and computerized support systems, and follow up technical support.

Our ongoing mission: One source for mobilized transport solutions, one address for total accountability.

Environmental protection.
The company’s policy regarding environmental protection:

  • The company sees itself as an integral part of the environment and is committed to reducing pollution and damage to air, soil, animal or plant life.
  • The company is committed to meet the requirements of all applicableenvironmental laws and regulations.
  • The company is committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance.