Aircraft Armoring

Armour of America (AoA), is a Shladot subsidiary and an international leader in the aviation armor industry. AoA has supplied dozens of countries with both rotary wing and fixed wing armor systems.

Established in 1972 AOA has armored hundreds of helicopters including: Mil MI-8, MI-17 and MI-171; Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk and CH-46; Bell UH-1H, 205, 206, 222, 212, 407, 412 and 430; Aerospatiale Puma and Super Puma; Airbus A350 & 355, MBB 105 and BK 117; Agusta Westland A-109, AW139, and EC-225. AoA has also provided armor kits for fixed wing aircraft, including the C130, C17 and C27J.

Our niche is lightweight, custom designed, aviation ballistic protection systems. We offer lightweight armor solutions using composite materials, specialty steel and ceramic tiles. These materials provide the required ballistic protection at the absolute minimum weight, consistent with cost effective design.

Our customers include industrial and defense corporations such as the Boeing Company, armed forces in North and South America, Europe and Asia, Government agencies, and civilian companies engaged in aircraft integration and upgrading.

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