Armored Vehicles

Shladot provides armored vehicles for governments, military and law enforcement users. Shladot’s main specialty is providing state of the art armored vehicles based on commercial off-the-shelf platforms.

Shladot has two main vehicle families – the “David” Family – based on Toyota components with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 4-5 tons. The David is widely used by the Israel Defense Force. The David is offered in a variety of armor levels, seats up to eight passengers, and comes in both Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive.

The “Tiger” Family – based on a Ford F550 or Dodge RAM 5500 with a GVW of 9 tons or based on a 12 heavy duty chassis.  The Tiger family is offered in a variety of armor levels and seats up to 12 passengers. Shladot Tigers are in use, among others, in Mexico and the Philippines.

Shladot also up-armors a variety of other platform based on the customer’s mission profile.

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