The David is a cost effective, highly armored, light protected all-terrain vehicle, currently based on the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Toyota Hilux.

Shladot is the leading source for the Israel Defense Force (IDF) for its armored vehicles. Shladot is the sole source for the IDF for its standard armored patrol vehicle – the David. Shladot has also supplied Davids based on the Toyota Platform to the US Government, for use in Africa. Over 1000 Davids, on a variety of platforms, have been  fielded with daily combat activity.

Toyota platforms ensure widespread support and cost-effective maintenance. The 3 or 5 door configurations offer easy loading and unloading of warriors and equipment. The David comes with a variety of seating arraignments, from 4 to 8 passengers. The David is available in Left-Hand Drive (LHD) or Right-Hand Drive (RHD).


  • Up to 8 passengers (1+7)
  • Up to STANAG II Protection
  • 5 doors (SUV configuration) or 3 doors (troop carrier)
  • Based on Toyota components
  • Roof turret with a manual or Remote Weapons Station option

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