Super tiger

Based on our successful Tiger, the Super Tiger is built on top a heavy duty 12 metric ton chassis to add more passengers and payload when mission demands it.

The super Tiger capsule is a spacious “box”, with a unique flat floor throughout the entire cabin, from firewall to rear door. The wide, flat-floored cabin allows for three front-row seats, comfortably seating passengers in full battle gear. Configurations include driver, navigator and commander, or driver and two security personnel.

Five doors and a wide floor enable various tactical configurations, including troop carrying, command and control, MedEvac and others.


  • Up to 16 passengers (1+15)
  • Up to STANAG III Protection
  • Extremely spacious with a variety of configuration options
  • Based on Ford or Dodge components
  • Roof turret with a manual or Remote Weapons Station option
  • Assault Ramp option

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