Shladot’s Tiger Mk II is a cost effective, highly armored, light protected all-terrain vehicle for a crew of up to 12. The Tiger is based on a commercial Dodge RAM 5500 or Ford F550 platform. The Dodge or Ford platform ensures widespread support and cost-effective maintenance.

The spacious cabin, with a flat floor throughout and vertical walls, allows for various attenuating seats and equipment mission-dependent arrangements.

The Tiger’s 5 doors and a roof hatch offer easy loading and unloading of warriors and equipment. The wide and spacious cabin, with its large payload capacity can be tailored to many missions. The front row has three-in-a-row seats for driver, navigator and commander. In the rear, 3 more passengers can ride facing forward, with room for equipment behind. The interior setup can be modified to match the customer’s requirements.

A powerful 330 HP diesel engine, 8.8 ton GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), large wheels, and a 132” wheel base offer exceptional all terrain capabilities and power to weight ratio.


  • Up to 12 passengers (1+11)
  • Up to STANAG III- Protection
  • Extremely spacious with a variety of configuration options
  • Based on Ford or Dodge components
  • Roof turret with a manual or Remote Weapons Station option
  • Assault Ramp option

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