Special Purpose Vehicles & Trailers

Shladot outfits transport and tactical vehicles and truck bodies for special purpose designations, such as command centers, radar systems, energy and more. We prepare the vehicles for direct integration and accommodation of the relevant equipment and make all necessary adjustments in the driver, passenger and cargo areas.

Resilient in even the most demanding terrains, Shladot’s flawlessly designed tactical and logistic trailers and truck bodies offer a broad range of platforms that are in accordance with stringent military standards. Built to last, the corrosion-resistant bodies provide extreme ruggedness, improved off-road mobility and ultimate towable payload capacity. Shladot executes trailer and truck body projects to customer design specifications, including the installation and integration of all required onboard military support systems. We are adept at working in accordance with the relevant homologation process regulatory bodies in the countries with which we conduct business.